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Below are reviews written by various authors on the BMW 520d.

BMW 520d: The Junior Partner
- Author: Andy Enright (March 14, 2006)

"The BMW 520d is a car that's going to appeal equally strongly to business and private customers alike. With low emissions, strong residual values, low servicing costs and excellent economy, its one of those cars that once you've overcome the upfront asking price, actually works out to be very affordable to run." Enright explains how BMW has created a car that is quite unique to its fleet, a car that is affordable but contains the quality that you would expect from a BMW. He also gives a detailed explanation of the many features found in the BMW 520d.
The Fleet Manager's Friend
- Author: David Morgan (March 27, 2006)

"There's an affordable new BMW 5-Series on the block - an entry-level turbo diesel with all the advantages of this refined premium saloon at an attractive price." Morgan gives a hands on approach in this review. He is given a BMW 520d to test for the month. In his test, he explains in great detail how the BMW 520d would fit into his normal day life, while giving the pros and cons in each of his experiences.

On Test: BMW 520d
- Author: Richard Aucock

"BMWs are not often bargains but the 520d, smoothly economical engine and all, must be considered one." Aucock asks 7 questions people should know about the BMW 520d: What is it? Where does it fit? Is it for you? What does it do well? What doesn’t it do well? What’s it like to live with? Would we buy it? His answer to each of these questions are detailed and give a good prospective to those looking to purchase the BMW 520d.